How to recover self-esteem

How to recover self-esteem

Video on self-esteem and how to recover it

What is self-esteem? We often talk about her, but ... What is it really? We often refer to it as something you have, taller or shorter. And when you have little, or low, we consider it a problem that poses many barriers between us and our vital goals.

People who are in this type of situation, try to "think and feel better", believing that when they think "I can", they can indeed. However, this strategy of changing our thoughts under our will, very hard works, and time passes while we wait for our interior to change in order to have the life we ​​would like, to act as we would like to act.

Nevertheless, Isn't self-esteem a way to label certain ways of behaving? In this video it is suggested that perhaps, the direction is the opposite. According to the advances in basic psychology research, two rules or beliefs that overlap are invited:

What if the only thing that can change our “interior” are the experiences we live and do abroad? That is, instead of trying to change what we think and feel, can we focus on changing what we do?

And if thoughts are nothing more than thoughts, in some ways random, like a radio that sounds, they don't reflect reality and you don't always have to obey?