How to live without a partner and be fully happy

How to live without a partner and be fully happy

Do you want to know what is the secret of being fully happy being single?

A study from the University of Aukland, New Zealand, reveals the secret to being happy without having a partner.

For many this seems almost impossible, but it is not at all. This study not only confirms it, but also offers the secret to live without a partner and be completely happy. In the magazine where the study 'Society for Personality and Social Psychology' was published, the keys are explained.

Scientists say that happiness does not depend on whether one has a partner or not, but on the willingness to face social relations in a positive way.

This happens mainly to avoid conflict with our environment. This is the way in which, according to scientists, single people manage to reach the well-being and happiness.

But make no mistake, because also in marriage this is the main pillar to achieve the same goal. Even so, apparently Singles lack the stress that is proven to cause living together With a sentimental partner.

Those responsible for this study have been based on the results obtained after interviewing 4,000 people for a year and verifying that those who avoid conflict have a higher probability of what each considers happiness.

Or what is the same: well-being does not depend on having a partner or not, but on the predisposition that one has to face positively social relations. And, the same study reveals that, friends, can generate the same sense of well-being as it feels to have a boyfriend or a husband / wife.

What has been sought with this study was to destroy all those who, for years, have ensured that life as a couple is one of the determining factors for the human being to achieve full happiness.

Singles, a group that already reaches 51% of its total population in the United States, can continue to live alone without having emotional or social deficiencies. So you know, even if you don't find the ideal match, that won't stop you from being totally happy.

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