Anosognosia, what is it?

Anosognosia, what is it?

It is well known that many people with certain serious mental illnesses, such as Bipolar disorder wave schizophrenia, resist or avoid taking your medication. One of the main reasons for this behavior is the anosognosia, a word of Greek origin that roughly translates into "without knowledge of the disease"You can also hear it called"lack of comprehension"It all comes down to the fact that the person does not conceive or accept his illness.

Someone with anosognosia is not willing to deny their disease. Your brain cannot process the fact that your thoughts and moods do not reflect reality.

Anosognosia is common in people with severe mental illness. Doctors think that approximately 40% of people with bipolar disorder and 50% of people with schizophrenia have this symptom. Some psychiatrists believe that the numbers are even higher. They estimate that between 57% and 98% of people with schizophrenia suffer from it.

Many people with neurological disorders also have anosognosia. It is not unusual for someone with Alzheimer's have it as well as patients with stroke (AVC), epilepsy and others.

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