Curious things

Curious things

Curiosities of Psychology

? We forget 90% of our dreams. In the first 5 minutes after waking up we forget half of the dream, and after another 10 minutes, 90% is already forgotten.

? Ringxiety It is a psycho-acoustic phenomenon in which we hear or feel our mobile ring, when in reality it is not.

? Hugging and holding hands with the person you love, relaxes and reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body.

? A person is more likely to do something for you. if you touch his forearm and speak to his right ear.

? An average person takes 17 months and 26 days in forgetting your ex.

? Children exposed to family violence they show the same pattern of activity in their brains as a soldier in combat.

? People tend to look up and to the right. to imagine or invent an answer, and look up and to the left to remember something that actually happened.

? Parents tend to genetically determine the height of their children and mothers weight.

? Love disappointments They hurt just like burns. The researchers determined that the same brain networks that are activated when we suffer a slight burn, come on when we go through a loving rejection.

? People are more likely to be hired if they wear glasses for the interview. Glasses make people look more professional and specialist.

? Alektorophobia is the persistent and unjustified fear of chickens or other poultry. People with this phobia believe that chickens are not benign, but conspiracy and willing to attack the

? Drink more than 7 cups of coffee a day It causes you to hear voices or see things that don't exist.

? People who complain about their boredom are 2.5 more likely to die of heart attack than a person who doesn't complain.

? Humans tend to believe more in a saying or saying when this rhymes.

? The people who are happiest They are less likely to catch a cold.

? Ignorant people tend to mistakenly believe they are bright, while smart people tend to underestimate their abilities.

? Depressed people dream 3 times more than those that are not.

? The urge to fall in love is a biological impulse as are hunger, thirst, sleep and sex.

? A study revealed that seeing a photograph of the person we love most It can reduce pain by up to 44%, just as paracetamol does.

? For some children and teenagers, video games they can exercise an addiction as powerful as the heroin.

? A study by the University of Sheffield suggests that listening to music in offices can improve productivity and the mood of the workers.

? As we age our brain becomes more and more unable to handle dopamine, which makes us insensitive to new music and we get stuck in our musical tastes.

? There is a condition called "false awakening", which happens when we are dreaming and wake up, but in reality we are still in deep sleep.

? In most families, the oldest of the children is usually the one with the highest intellectual quotient, above his brothers.

? Monday mornings are so depressing that we won't throw a smile until 11:16 a.m. Studies confirm it.