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What is Seitai and what are its benefits?

What is Seitai and what are its benefits?

The Seitai

Are you looking for information on what is the seitai? In that case, you are in the best possible place, because we have created the most complete article to talk about what is the Seitai and what are the benefits it can bring you.


  • 1 What is the Seitai?
  • 2 What benefits does it provide?
  • 3 How to practice it?

What is the Seitai?

The Seitai is a culture of life oriented to health well-being, which is based on simple practices related to the spontaneous and revitalizing movement. These movements are known as katsugen and yuki.

These techniques are based on the knowledge of the structure of the vital movement, which Haruchika Noguchi developed in the early and mid-twentieth century (Haruchika Noguchi began his career as a therapist nothing more and nothing less than at age 12).

Basically, the Seitai consists of movements or swings that have positive effects on a physical, energetic and psychic level. These movements are vertical, frontal, rotary, lateral and central.

The discovery of Noguchi is in understanding that existence is organized based on a constant sway between tension and relaxation, and that this organization occurs intelligently and systematically, So you can take advantage, work and empower.

Therefore, if we practice Seitai, we will be able to recover the order and balance that organisms that do not suffer from human sufferings naturally (that is, that the origin of our imbalances is in consciousness, which creates problems at the biomechanical level) .

What benefits does it provide?

Now that we've seen what the Seitai is, we can talk about what are the benefits it brings (Although we have already seen them a little above in the previous section).

The main benefit of the Seitai is to get closer to a more natural state, in which the movement of the body is carried out spontaneously because it "asks for it". Basically, it consists of feeling again a small child.

Have you noticed that babies are always in constant motion? They are going back and forth in a constant swing, or move their legs when they are lying on the floor.

It makes no sense, but they do it because they are programmed for it. And this is something we lose over time ... When it is essential to feel good about yourself!

These movements help to release negative energies, but, in addition, they allow us to meet again with an earlier era, which brings peace of mind. And, to add to all this, It also brings physical benefits to joints, muscles, bones and tendons.

Another benefit to take into account of the Seitai is that it can be perfectly complemented with other types of practices, such as yoga or Tai Chi. The advantage is that it is easier to practice Seitai than yoga, for example.

However, difficulty should not be a problem when it comes to finding spiritual and mental peace, and that is why we recommend that one thing be practiced as well as the other to get the greatest possible benefits.

How to practice it?

And, finally, let's take a look at what are the keys to start practicing it and enjoy the benefits it can bring us.

The first thing to know is that the Seitai is based on five swings of the spine in tension and distension, which can be practiced regardless of age, anywhere and without any problem.

Some of the movements, for example, they are the following:

  1. Lying on your back with your arms outstretched, bring your ankles together, bending your knees, and move them from side to side, until you touch the floor.
  2. Lying on your back with your arms stretched, bring your ankles together and drop your knees to your sides, and move your feet back and forth.
  3. On your knees on the floor, turn the trunk to one side and then to the other, giving small boats with the back.
  4. On your knees on the floor, with your ass stuck to your feet, place your palms in front, a couple of centimeters apart from each other, and keep it that way.

As you can see, Seitai is a fantastic technique that uses the body's natural body movement to find balance and peace.

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