Melisa to combat anxiety and depression

Melisa to combat anxiety and depression

Melisa Properties

The medicinal plants They are so old that it is really impossible to know exactly since when we are using them. However, today and thanks to a more communicated and globalized world, both the properties and the benefits of medicinal plants have managed to reach a multitude of people, who look for methods or tools of a natural nature relying on their healing qualities, or at least palliative for some diseases.

How natural remedy, it should be said that not all plants are beneficial and that we should always pay close attention also to their contraindications, because the fact of being natural, does not mean that it can be taken in any way or in any measure, nor of course, does not have to be good for anyone.

Properties of Melisa

The properties of the Melisa They are used both in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Its leaves and flowers are collected between the months of June and August. This plant derives from the family of the labiates and we can easily find it by its scientific name Melissa Officinalis.

Among many other properties, Melissa is used to help combat depression, anguish and even trouble sleeping, and this has its explanation, which we will explain below. Apparently Melisa favors the relaxation of our muscles, helping to eliminate small muscle spasms, which usually appear during a state of nervousness or emotional disturbance. Therefore, we find that for a state of anxiety its properties are extremely interesting, because if the body relaxes, the mind is easier to accompany.

But Melisa brings us many things, not only relaxation, because it also works at other levels, for example it has been seen that it helps to reduce menstrual pain, earache, toothache and it is even said that it is very effective in combating heavy migraines.

It is also used topically (in oil) to heal wounds, sores or even acne.

Forms of administration of Melisa

The Melisa can be found in different application formats. Sometimes if we have read something about medicinal plants, we will have seen that their preparation and / or consumption differs, and Melisa is no different, we can find it to make infusions and as an essential oil.

Melisa's infusions They can help us, as we have already said, to alleviate depression and nervousness, but it also helps when we suffer from indigestion and nausea.

We must use Melissa as a complementary method, as in all natural remedies, not expect miracles from it.

Refering to Melisa in essential oil, it is another method of application that is used in the world of cosmetics and perfumes mainly. Melissa oil is also used to give massages, due to the relaxing properties mentioned above. In this case its combined application is highly recommended, as it is usually mixed with an approximate amount of 15 ml of coconut oil, along with 5 or maximum 6 drops of essential oil.

As we can see, the properties of the Melisa are multiple and give us a great number of natural benefits, there are even more of those discussed so far, because according to the time of the year it is also used, for example, to relieve insect bites or to things as frequent as its use in perfumes and air fresheners.

So you know, Melisa is a plant that, in addition to relaxing, is aromatic and highly valued in different professional fields, not just health.

David Alvarez

Social psychologist & ecop