What to do to combat anxiety? Most used techniques

What to do to combat anxiety? Most used techniques

Have you ever noticed what the thought process is? We communicate with the world through the senses. We also think through the senses: we see, hear or feel things inside us.

It is not possible to feel without thinking. First we think and then we feel.


  • 1 How anxiety occurs
  • 2 Thought stop technique
  • 3 Technique of the here and now with the breath

How anxiety occurs

Anxiety occurs because the brain interprets that there is a danger to you through your thoughts. Forever, before feeling anxiety, one thought or several have passed through the mind, which are negative and catastrophic.

If you think that the elevator is going to fall and your brain interprets that it is true, it will immediately send you anxiety symptoms. It would happen to me too.

The problem is that some of the thoughts you have, you make them in such a way, that your brain interprets things that are not real.

If my brain thinks something serious is going to happen, it starts up defense mechanisms (anxiety).

That triggering thought of the anxiety process can be a mental image (of yourself or another person or situation), a sound (your own voice, someone's words, a noise or music ...), or a sensation in the body ( a tickle, cold or hot ...)

The secret lies in knowing how to change the brain's interpretation of those thoughts….

Thought stop technique

"We are what we think" is to say that if I can choose my thoughts, I overcome my anxiety.

If when I detect the first symptoms and detect catastrophic thinking, I can make a "stop thinking", immediately entering the "here and now" instead of going to the future, I breathe, and come into contact with my body, under the head (chin to the chest), I look inward, and I go looking for some positive image of myself to breathe it and feel it, and I am telling myself that everything is fine, little by little I will relax, I will have chosen how to react consciously, changing a negative thought for a positive one.

If I intend to do it when I have already entered the anxiety loop, and I already have the negative image with its catastrophic thinking, the brain will already have orders to activate all defense mechanisms.

We must cut the process before that, at the first signs, such as tachycardia, heat, sweating of the hands, I must already come into contact with the here and now and observe my breathing, to make it more complete and deep.

Technique of the here and now with the breath

Anxiety occurs when we go to the future and “see everything black”, accompanied by negative thoughts. The person says they don't know how to change those thoughts for others or know how to get out of that loop.

The first and very important is: back to the present. Breathing is essential for this.

By the time one focuses on one's breath consciously, one is already entering the present. I cannot be in the future imagining and at the same time attending to my breathing with guidelines aimed at regulating it, and while observing my body. Therefore, if I enter to observe my breathing carefully, I enter the present.

The technique is performed as follows:

Find a comfortable posture, gradually relaxing the whole body, and go observing the air that enters through the nose, inspiring deep and filling the entire abdomen as if it were a balloon, putting a hand above to accompany the respiratory movement. Meanwhile, I imagine that I am filling myself with new air, with energy that floods me, relaxes me and calms me, and I am telling myself that everything is fine. I watch as my body is released with each inspiration.

Expiration should be done through the mouth, very slowly, gradually emptying all the air, and taking out the voice, or sighs. We can use the letter A, and empty the air saying "aaaaahh", lengthening the exhalation. When I get my voice out, we remove tension from the body, and at the same time when I listen to my breath and my voice, I am attentive to everything I am doing in the present, and so I cannot escape from myself to go to the future.

Once I feel that relaxation, I must be filled with positive images, things that I have achieved in my life, good things that I have in me and in my environment.

If it is still difficult for me to relax and I immediately become negative thoughts, I must ask myself:

Is there anything serious now that worries me? Anything real happening here and now?

As the answer is NO, if I am honest with myself, then I tell myself that Everything is fine, that there is nothing to fear and that here and now I am fine, we are fine, and I return to the technique of conscious breathing in the present already Fill me with images of everything that makes me happy today.