100 poetic phrases by Antonio Machado

100 poetic phrases by Antonio Machado

Antonio Machado and Ruiz (1875 - 1939) was a leading Spanish poet and playwright, and the youngest representative of the movement known as the 98 generation.

His initial works had a modernist style that he finally rejected, adopting what he called "eternal poetry," much more intimate and romantic. Three stages can be distinguished in his artistic evolution. His first book of poems, known as Solitudes, It was published in 1902, and in 1907 he published his second book of poems, Solitudes Galleries Other poems (an extended version of Soledades), where its links with romanticism are established. These poems evoke memories and dreams and a subjective identification of the poet with natural phenomena, especially the sunset.

In his second stage, Machado moved away from pure introspection, and in Castile Fields (1912) sought to capture the austere landscape and spirit of Castile in a severely denuded and somber style. His latest works, New songs (1924) and Complete poems (1928), express deep existential points of view and reflect on the poet's loneliness. He also wrote plays in collaboration with his brother Manuel and a collection of philosophical reflections with strong existentialist connotations, Juan de Mairena (1936).

In 1927 he was elected member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language. When the Spanish Civil War broke out, he was in Madrid, from where he moved with his mother and other family members to Barcelona. In January 1939 he began his trip to exile, but died suddenly in Colliure.

Famous quotes by Antonio Machado

Never lose contact with the ground; because only then will you have an approximate idea of ​​your height.

The deepest words of the wise man teach us the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows or the sound of the water when it flows.

After living and dreaming, there is what matters most: the awakening.

Every fool confuses value and price.

In my solitude I have seen very clear things that are not true.

Worse than seeing black reality, is not seeing it.

Slowly and well, that doing things well matters more than doing them.

Of what men call virtue, justice and goodness, one half is envy, and the other is not charity.

My soul is not asleep. She is awake, fully awake. He does not sleep or dream, but observes, with wide eyes, distant things, and listens on the banks of the great silence.

Benevolence does not mean tolerance of ruin, or conformity with the inept, but the will for good.

The truth is what it is, and it remains true even if you think backwards.

It is typical of men with medium heads to attack everything that does not fit in their heads.

Learn to doubt and you will end up doubting your own doubt; in this way God rewards the skeptic and the believer.

In the heart was the thorn of a passion. I managed to tear it away one day: I no longer feel my heart.

I thought my fire was out, and stirred the ashes ... I burned my fingers.

Help me understand what I am telling you and I will explain it better.

What the poet is looking for is not the fundamental self, but the deep self.

Avoid pulpits, platforms, stages and pedestals. Stay hard. It is the only way you can judge your approximate status as a man.

Our hours are minutes when we hope to know, and centuries when we know what can be learned.

Under everything we think, live everything we believe, like the last veil of our spirits.

Did you say half the truth? They will say that you lie twice if you say the other half.

Man is rich in hypocrisy. In his ten thousand costumes to deceive he trusts; and with the double key that keeps his mansion for someone else, he makes a thief's pick.

Today is always still.

Don't trust words: In this life you will find many people who live badly and speak well.

To choose between the truth and the pleasure of seeking it, we would choose the latter.

Spring has come, no one knows how it has been.

The eye you see is not an eye because you see it, it is an eye because he sees you.

I dreamed - wonderful mistake! - I had a hive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.

Death is something we should not fear because, while we are, death is not, and when death is, we are not.

I have my friends in my loneliness; when I am with them how far they are!

When we first saw each other, we only remembered. Although it seems absurd, I have cried when I was aware of my love for you, for not having loved you all my life.

To talk, ask first; then ... listen.

As much as a man is worth, he will never have higher value than being a man.

Death is something we should not fear because, while we are, death is not and when death is, we are not.

The joy is to have health and the empty grinder.

Only a fool thinks that the price and value are the same.

You say that nothing is created? Do not mind, with the mud of the earth, make a drink for your brother to drink.

The eyes because you sigh, know it well, the eyes you look at are eyes because they see you.

All uncertainty is fruitful… provided it is accompanied by the desire to understand

Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.

I talk to the man who always goes with me. Who speaks alone, hopes to speak with God one day.

Why call paths to the furrows of chance? Everyone who walks walks, like Jesus, over the sea.

Be careful with the community where blasphemy does not exist: below, atheism is rampant.

After the truth, nothing is as beautiful as fiction.

Four principles to keep in mind: the opposite is also frequent. It is not enough to move to renew. It is not enough to renew to improve. There is nothing that is absolutely worse.

It is the best of the good who knows that in this life everything is a matter of measure: a little more, something less ...

In the psychological analysis of the great betrayals you will always find the mentality of Judas Iscariot.

The absence of vices adds very little to the sum of one's virtues.

Walker your footsteps are the road and nothing else; Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking. When walking, the path is made, and when you look back, you see the path that must never be trod again. Traveler there is no road, but wakes in the sea.

Neither the past has died nor is tomorrow, nor yesterday written.

In asking what you know the time you should not waste ... And to unanswered questions, who can answer you?

Those who are always back from everything are those who have never gone anywhere.

I discovered the secret of the sea meditating on a drop of dew.

Torn the cloud; the rainbow already shining in the sky, and in a rain and sun fan the field wrapped. I woke up Who clouded the magical crystals of my dream?

The words of love suit a little exaggeration.

No one can shed light on the vices he does not have or the afflictions he has experienced.

Never forgive the fool if he sees the empty nut that cracked the wisdom tooth.

All our efforts should tend towards the light.

Your truth is not; the truth and come with me to look for it. Yours, keep it.

There are two kinds of men: those who live talking about virtues and those who limit themselves to having them.

The only living language is the language in which we think and have our being.

Judging or correcting us involves applying the measure outside the proper cloth.

Those who deny the existence of the truth postulate the truth of their denial and contradict themselves.

No one should be afraid of what he thinks, even if his thinking appears in conflict with the most elementary laws of logic.

Virtue is the joy that relieves the most serious heart and frowns the capon.

You have to reach the end naked like the children of the sea.

They say that man is not a man while he does not hear his name from a woman's lips.

Do not try to rush things: for the cup to end, it must first be filled.

The richest area of ​​our souls, of course the most extensive, is the one that is usually forbidden to knowledge by our own love.

In politics it only succeeds who puts the candle where the air blows; never who pretends to blow the air where he puts the candle.

Pay attention: a lonely heart is not a heart.

If each Spanish spoke about what he understood, and nothing else, there would be a great silence that we could take advantage of for the study.

He is also the philosopher, let's say in passing, the man who would never want to hit the target on which he shoots and for that he puts it beyond the reach of every shotgun.

Teach the Christ: you will love your neighbor as yourself, but never forget that it is another.

In Spain, of every ten heads, nine ram and one thinks. Never miss a fool disagree fighting for the idea

Everything happens and everything remains, but ours is to pass, to make paths, paths over the sea.

The man is contradictory. That is the essence of the specifically human.

Four things man has that do not serve in the sea: anchor, rudder and oars, and the fear of shipwreck.

Currency that is in hand, maybe it should be saved. The little coin of the soul is lost if it is not given.

My philosophy is fundamentally sad, but I am not a sad man, and I don't think it saddens anyone else.

The unpublished manuscript is like a sin I do not confess that is infected in the soul, corrupting it and contaminating it.

Man's passion for the truth is such that he will welcome the most bitter of all the postulates whenever it seems true.

Hell is the creepy mansion of time, in whose deepest circle Satan himself waits, winding a gigantic clock in his hand.

And everywhere I have seen ...

Virtue is strength, being good is being brave; shield, sword and mace carry under the forehead; because the honest courage of all weapons wears: not only stops, hurts, and more than awaits, attacks.

Look in your mirror for the other.

In the smallest wheel of our reasoning it is possible for a handful of questions to break the bank of our answers.

Do not miss, sweet friends, that my brow is wrinkled: I live in peace with men and in war with my entrails.

The good one is the one who saves, which sale of the road, for the thirsty the water, for the drunk the wine.

I despise the romances of the hollow tenors and the chorus of the crickets that sing to the moon. To distinguish I stop the voices of the echoes, and listen only, among the voices, one.

There is no one so tied to his own face that he has no hope of introducing another to the world.

That two and two are necessarily four, is an opinion that many of us share. But if someone sincerely thinks otherwise, say so. Here we are not surprised at anything.

Great philosophers are poets who believe in the reality of their poems.

Wherever learning generates specialists, the sum of human culture is reinforced by that. That is the illusion and comfort of specialists.

The hand of the pious always takes away honor; but he never offends by giving us his hand the handler.

And everywhere I have seen people who dance or play, when they can, and work their four spans of earth. Never, if they get to a place, they ask where they come from

Light of the soul, divine light, lighthouse, torch, star, sun ... A man gropes his way; He carries a lantern behind his back.

I have seen wild claws in the polished hands; I know Marian lyrical and lyrical rooks ... The most truhan puts his hand to his heart, and the thicker brute is charged with reason.

Death is something we should not fear because, while we are, death is not and when death is, we are not. (Paraphrase of Epicurus).

In the despair and melancholy of your memory, Soria, my heart is shortened.