80 phrases of Mafalda, essential

80 phrases of Mafalda, essential

Mafalda is the protagonist girl of an Argentine cartoon written and drawn by Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known by his pseudonym Cinchona. The strip presents this 6-year-old girl from the middle class in Argentina, who is worried about humanity and world peace, and has attitude problems, but in a very innocent way. He loves the Beatles but hates soup.

The comic strips were published from 1964 to 1973 and were very popular in Latin America, Europe, Quebec and Asia, and resulted in two animated cartoon series and a book.

Dating Mafalda and his friends

Isn't it amazing all that a pencil can have inside?

Where do they sell cheap mistakes? It is that mine have come out very expensive ...

The great answer always comes to us 5 minutes after giving a stupid answer.

From saving so much on education, we have become millionaires in ignorance.

Is it not that this modern life is having more modern than life?

They say that man is an animal of customs, rather than usual man is an animal.

As always: the Urgent leaves no time for the Important.

Working for a living is good, but why does that life earned by working have to be wasted working for a living?

Life is beautiful, the bad thing is that many confuse CUTE with EASY.

Some people have not understood that the Earth revolves around the sun, not theirs.

In this world everyone has their little or big concern.

The problem with closed minds is that they always have their mouths open.

In the end how is the matter? Is one taking his life forward, or does life take him ahead of one?

I am not antisocial, I am socially selective.

Education is more difficult than teaching, because to teach you need to know, but to educate you have to be.

There is never someone left over.

From time to time it is convenient to take a little stroll the instinct.

What if instead of planning so much we flew a little higher?

Great are those who, despite being judged by who they are, do not change to please anyone.

Undoubtedly, spring is the most advertising that life has.

I have three desires: eat without getting fat, love without suffering and earn money without working.

Well and how does one do to stick one this in the soul?

The Perez are to the phone book what the Chinese to the world population.

No one kneads a fortune without making flour to others

Doesn't it hurt a little to tell the country underdeveloped? And what do you want me to say? An amateur country

Where do you have to push this country to take it forward?

Mr. UN Secretary: Since in Washington and Paris it is daytime ... while in Moscow and Beijing it is nighttime ... do you not believe then that what divides the world is not politics, but bed?

Hard to forget a great love? Naaa ... it's hard to walk without money.

Since loving each other doesn't work out, why don't we try to love each other?

If living is lasting, I prefer a Beatles song to a Long Play of the Boston Pops.

Neither my dad nor my teacher would sleep peacefully knowing that they instill things that don't work.

After all, humanity is nothing more than a meat sandwich between heaven and earth.

I don't cry, I'm just washing memories.

It's not true that every past time was better. What happened was that those who were worse had not yet noticed.

The only happy ending I know is the weekend.

One thing is a country Independent and another one country in the pending.

And why, having more developed worlds, did I have to be born in this one?

Let those who are tired of seeing the world driven with their feet raise their hands!

Today I entered the world through the back door.

And isn't it that in this world there are more and more people and fewer people?

Stop the world, I want to get off.

Cheer up, mom, that the day the land is the one that works it, you will own a dust that I don't tell you!

Wouldn't it be more progressive to ask where we are going to continue, instead of where we are going to stop?

The best thing about being over 30 is that I did all my nonsense before the existence of the Internet.

It is hard to get together to go down to the world.

Today I learned that the truth disappoints people.

It is a pity that economic theories never include the calculation of what to pay other economists who come to explain to us theoretically why we do not economize.

Half the world likes dogs; and to this day nobody knows what wow means.

So small and says incongruities.

Wouldn't the world be wonderful if libraries were more important than banks?

We all believe in the country, what is not known is if at this point the country believes in us.

It's fine that you made us mud, but why don't you take a little of the swamp? "(Praying to God)

Justice always wins, but nobody ever raises promissory notes.

(Writing) My mom spoils me. I love my mom. (The smell of soup smells in the air) Mom, or you stop preparing soup, or I stop writing hypocrisy.

The bad thing about the mass media is that they don't allow us time to communicate with us.

And all because the children are born when parents already took power in the home!

It would be nice to wake up one day and find that one's life depends on one.

Soup is to childhood what communism to democracy.

How late is progress.

Of course, the problem of being president is that if one sets out to solve state problems, there is no time left to govern.

Your life will go forward when you turn away from people who take you back.

It turns out that if one does not rush to change the world, then it is the world that changes one.

The problem is that there are more interested people than interesting people.

It is not that there is no goodness, what happens is that it is incognito.

What do the years matter? What really matters is to verify that in the end the best age of life is to be alive.

What worries me most is how to lower the selfishness index ...

Each ministry with his mini hysteria.

Start the day with a smile and you will see how much fun it is to go around with everyone.

Think that these good people before educating us never educated anyone.

Life should not strip one of childhood without first giving it a good place in youth.

And, of course, the drama of being president is that if one sets out to solve the problems of the state, there is no time left to govern.

Talking seriously to someone who is playing is rather misplaced ... on the other hand, if you talk to me playing I could not take you seriously. Frankly ... what a situation of yours!

I like people who say what they think, but most of all I like people who think what they say.

As usual; as soon as one sets foot on the ground, the fun is over.

Ignoring is a way of killing but without getting your hands dirty.

I'm not perfect, but thank God I'm happy!

There are women so complicated that when the blue prince appears to them, it turns out that it is not the shade of blue they wanted ...

Law of life: the more deranged you leave home, the better known you are.

When I grow up I will work as an interpreter at the UN and when a delegate tells another that his country is disgusting I will translate that his country is a charm and, of course, no one can fight. And the messes and wars will end and the world will be safe!

Each time there is less to say ...