110 phrases by Joaquín Sabina

110 phrases by Joaquín Sabina

Joaquin Sabina phrases

Joaquín Sabina (February 12, 1949) is a famous Spanish singer-songwriter, poet and artist, who became famous for conveying great messages, most of love and heartbreak, in the lyrics of his beautiful songs.

Quotes by Joaquín Sabina

Enough work has cost me to commit my sins as to squander them in vain regrets.

There is no nostalgia worse than longing for what never happened.

And sometimes I usually lay my head on the moon's shoulder and tell him about that inopportune lover called solitude.

I'm missing a truth, I have a hundred excuses.

And the sun is a tear in an eye that doesn't know how to cry.

You didn't love me yesterday, I don't love you today. Tomorrow we will have no one to love.

When I am good I am good, when I am bad I am better.

Life is so short and the job of living so difficult, that when you start to learn it, you have to die.

The atrocious thing is not wanting to know who you are, past water, burnt land.

Do not be right mirrors.

This goodbye does not make up a see you later, this never does not hide an eyelet, this ash does not play with fire, this blind man does not look back.

Neither I kill for jealousy nor you die for me.

When death comes to visit me, take me to the south where I was born. There is no place for anyone here.

For saying what I think, without thinking what I say more than one kiss they gave me and more than one slap.

These lips that taste goodbye, vinegar in wounds, a seasonal handkerchief.

There are women who drag suitcases loaded with rain.

Losing manners: if you have to step on crystals, which are bohemian, heart.

He was so poor that he had no more than money.

So don't be sorry about what could happen and it didn't happen. That night you failed, I didn't go to the appointment either.

Do not spend your hair ready, do not invest in Christs, do not play dumb.

How difficult to try to leave this magic unharmed in which we are imprisoned.

I sing my loneliness because I have plenty left over.

It is good to have a hat in case there is a good occasion to take it off.

Even the soles of my shoes miss you.

The good reputation is convenient to drop at the foot of the bed. Today you have a chance to prove that you are a woman besides a lady.

  • Don't lie, said the liar.
  • Run, said the turtle.
  • Good luck, said the badge.
  • Dare, said the coward
  • Try me, said the poison

What would have served to unpack the suitcases of oblivion?

You better learn to live on the dividing line that goes from boredom to passion.

Worse for the sun, which gets at seven in the cradle of the sea to snore, while a server lifts her skirt to the moon.

Take my address; when you get tired of cheap love for a while ... call me.

Because all the endings are the same repeated, and with so much noise, they didn't hear the end.

... And yet, when I sleep without you, I dream of you.

The man of today is the father of the monkey of the year 2000.

In matters of love always loses the best.

I am not a guy with an easy tear, of those who complain only about vice ... If life is left I shake hands and if my job does not excite me.

Wherever the roads cross, where the sea cannot be conceived, where the fugitive always returns, let's say I speak of Madrid.

It's not me, nor you, nor anyone are the miserable fingers that wind my watch.

The good thing about the years is that they heal wounds, the bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction.

And life went on, as things that don't make much sense follow.

That the truths do not have complexes.

The caresses that wet the skin and the blood mutiny wilt when the dirty routine touches them.

Before you love me the way a cat is loved, I leave with anyone who looks like you.

You better not have to choose between oblivion and memory.

They wrapped themselves with the wisdom of your and my raving.

I have never got used to good customs.

If you want to love me, I'm going to stop loving you, if you want to hate me, don't have mercy on me.

In Comala I understood that to the place where you have been happy you should not try to return.

And the blood galloping through my veins and a cloud of sand inside my heart, and this streak of love without appetite ...

It's not that I do not want to. I don't want to want ...

Whenever I confess I give myself absolution.

To the flowers of a day, that didn't last, that didn't hurt, that they kissed you, that they were lost.

Death is just luck with a changed letter.

I wanted to tell her the truth, no matter how bitter it was, to tell her that the universe was wider than her hips, I painted a real world and not a pink one, but she preferred to listen ... white lies.

They can steal your days; your nights no

Investing in cans of silly soup is like varnishing the coffin itself.

It is announced between the two unstable weather, storms appear in your eyes.

Throw prejudices by the bed; Today you have an opportunity to prove that you are a woman, as well as a lady.

That being brave does not come out so expensive, that being a coward is not worth it.

What curse separates lovers who have not forgotten?

This fish no longer dies by your mouth, this crazy goes with another crazy, these eyes do not cry anymore for you.

Let dreams be real lies.

The best promises are those that you don't have to keep

No longer dreams that child who dreamed he wrote, heart of Mary do not leave me like that.

I only get sad when someone ... at the most inopportune moment ... asks me about you.

Where is the song you did to me when you were a poet? It ended so sad that I could never start it.

Let dictators and notaries die for love.

How small is the light of the headlights of those who dream of freedom.

I will fight until the last second and my epitaph will be: I do not agree.

And I returned to the curse of the drawer without her clothes, to the bane of the cocktail bars, to the cinderella of balance and corner, and, for those sales of the fine Laina, paying the bills of soulless people who lose their calm with the cocaine

Hang on who loves you, do not die but for love ...

And even if I want to forget I don't forget, I can't forget you.

I'll call her tomorrow, I'm late today. That cowardly way of not telling us no.

Ours lasted for two ice fish in a whiskey on the rocks.

He was an individual of those shut up for not making noise, a regular loser of so many battles that oblivion wins.

You know better than me that even the bones, only the kisses that you have not given are pierced.

Wasting the bag and life I gradually took it for granted.

Girls no longer want to be princesses, and boys are given chasing the sea in a glass of gin.

At fifteen, the tie ropes cut my wings.

How little time lasts eternal life through the tunnel of your legs.

Where do you think you are going, what do you think I am, don't look back, I'm not there anymore.

The water extinguishes the fire and the burning years. Love is called the game in which a pair of blind people play to hurt themselves.

I prefer war with you, to winter without you.

I am looking for an encounter that illuminates my day and I find only doors that deny what they hide.

Don't get lost if I yell at you, get lost.

He always had a very high forehead, a very long tongue and a very short skirt.

The wooden suit that I will release is not even planted, that the priest who has to give me the extreme unction is not even an altar boy.

Love is an epidemic that ends with time.

All I have is nothing I gave it to him.

I do not apologize, for what? If he will forgive me, because he doesn't care anymore.

I never had more religion than a woman's body.

The worst of passion is when it happens, when the endpoint of the finals is not followed by two ellipses.

Who can care after death that one has his vices.

There are women who do not tell the truth when they lie.

This goodbye does not make up a see you later, this never does not hide an eyelet, this ash does not play with fire, this blind man does not look back.

And one morning I understood that sometimes he wins, the one who loses a woman.

I change my wrinkles for your acne.

I gave him my nights and my bread, my anguish, my laughter, in exchange for his kisses and his haste.

I can get cheesy and say: that your lips taste the same to me, as the lips I kiss in my dreams ...

And I who had sworn to die without offspring, as my father died.

Men cheat more than women; Women, the better.

Retrieve the names of things again, call bread bread, wine call wine, tobacco ... tobacco, miserable fate. And the one who kills to call him, at once murderer.

The kisses I lost, for not knowing how to say: I need you

This cowardly way of not telling us no, this with you, this without you so bitter.

The night you lost your fear of fear was so short that it still lasts.

There is nothing forbidden in my house, but don't fall in love

It is up to you and it is up to me that the two remain yesterday night, today morning.

There is no nostalgia worse than longing for what never happened.

I fall asleep at the burials of my generation.