Infallible method to fall asleep in just 2 minutes

Infallible method to fall asleep in just 2 minutes

If you are one of those who find it hard to sleep or wake up during the night and reveal yourself, we present a relaxation technique that, with a little training, will help you fall asleep quickly and so that you can rest properly.

Origin of the method

The origin of this method comes from the Second World War. The American army pilots had trouble sleeping and they rested badly, which caused them to make more mistakes in combat and make bad decisions.

So the United States Army developed a method so that their pilots could rest properly, regardless of whether it was day or night, and even with background artillery noise, and thus take full advantage of the rest hours.

It is a relaxation and meditation technique which was published in 1981 in the book "Relax and Win: Championship Performance" which ensures that after 6 weeks of practice following the indications of this method, 96% of the soldiers were able to rest properly.

The method was initially conceived so that it could be applied in any place that allows to adopt a minimally relaxed posture, such as a chair or a bed, and is composed of a combination of different methodologies based on muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and visualization of relaxing images and that must be done neatly.

These are the steps to follow

To start, look for a comfortable place, such as a chair, sofa or bed. The method was initially conceived to be applied in two minutes, so we will dedicate approximately 30 seconds to each of the 4 phases of which it is composed.

First of all, you must close your eyes and relax all the muscles of the face, including the tongue, jaw, the area around the eyes, the eyelids and the muscles of the forehead. Once achieved we continue with the next step.

The second step consists of relax upper body, from waist to top. Start by relaxing and dropping your shoulders as much as possible, as if they were floating. Then we continue with the arms, starting with the right arm if you are right-handed and with the left arm if you are left-handed, first relax the upper arm slowly spreading the relaxation towards the forearm, hand and fingers. Repeat for the other arm. If you can't relax your arms, a trick is to tense them momentarily and relax them again. Finally, it expels air and relaxes the chest.

In the third phase, we will deal with relax lower limbs. Similar to what we did with the arms, we will first relax the dominant leg, the right if you are right-handed and the left if you are left-handed. Begin by relaxing the muscles of the thigh, the knee and finally the entire leg, slowly spreading the relaxation towards the ankles, the foot and the fingers. Repeat the process for the other leg and once we have the whole body relaxed, we move on to the next phase.

Now that the body's muscles are already relaxed, it's time to clear and relax the mind. This is perhaps the most complicated part and requires concentration and some practice. The objective is be at least 10 seconds without thinking about anything absolutely. We have to eliminate above all the worries or everything that distresses us. If we do not succeed, the method recommends several techniques. One is to continually repeat the words "don't think, don't think, ..." for at least 10 seconds. Another option is to imagine yourself in a boat on a completely calm lake and surrounded only by a blue sky. We can also imagine lying in a black velvet hammock rocking in a dark room.

Following this relaxation routine continuously for a few weeks you will perfect the steps and, according to the author, Lloyd (Bud) Winter, known for being one of the best athletic trainers in the world, you will fall asleep within a few minutes .

And you,… Did it work for you?