The pride and the problems it generates

The pride and the problems it generates

“All men are wrong, but a good man gives in when he knows that his course is wrong and repairs evil. The only crime is pride" Sophocles

Surely you've ever seen or experienced situations in which, even if someone had wanted to settle a conflict, pride has been brought before this desire. If at any time we have been proud, sometimes we may have regretted over time having clung to this emotion, which may even have become a barrier to our emotional well-being. In this article we will talk about the conflicts that can lead to living excessively clinging to pride.


  • 1 What is pride?
  • 2 What conflicts can pride generate?
  • 3 Living with proud people
  • 4 How to get rid of pride?

What is pride?

The concept of pride refers to an emotion very determined by social factors and values ​​learned. In addition, it has a double aspect: on the one hand, pride can be considered a positive emotion, a sign of good self-esteem and satisfaction, as well as a way of claiming a fact or circumstance as something positive and admirable.

On the other hand, there is the pride considered negative, a concept quite opposite to the first one that occurs when this emotion blinds us, getting very close to the arrogance. A way to demonstrate a certain status that can stand in our relationships and create a great emotional instability. This means that we can even despise others, although the basis of our behavior may simply be a way of protecting ourselves from the disappointments that ends up in limiting behavior.

What conflicts can generate pride?

Excessive pride can become a form of arrogance and vanity. This can get to block our ideas preventing process new information Y empathize with others, just as a wall would do that encloses us in a very small space.

Living with closed ideas can be a real impediment to grow on a psychological level, social and emotional, it can get in our relationships and cause us to lose people that matter to us, simply by living according to these distorted ideas based on a need for superiority, whether moral, social or of any kind.

Also, it makes us blind to our own responsibilities in the situations we live in, since it prevents us from seeing the mistakes we make, which are hidden under the weight of this emotion that may be flooded with pride.

Very proud people do not usually tolerate criticism well nor opinions that differ from your own. This makes living in family, social and labor contexts very complicated, since it can generate problems of constant understanding and communication.

Living with proud people

People who live with those who are very proud, often feel that they must be charged with patience and self-control so as not to disturb their loved one in any way and this can become strenuous.

When someone presents this exaggerated pride it can become intolerant before the failures of others and this can be very harmful for relationships. For those who live with these people, this ends up being very frustrating and may tend to prevent them from moving away from the proud person.

How to get rid of pride?

Leon Tolstoy said, "In the eyes of the infinite, all pride is nothing but dust and ash" Pride, in the short term, makes us hide our vulnerability, but, in the long term, it makes us even more vulnerable.

In order to eliminate behaviors motivated by pride, it is important to reach self-knowledge, as well as seek security in ourselves. It is necessary to be honest and face our own failures and those of others, in order to change attitudes that do not benefit us and that can lead us to repent of our decisions.

Implement new actions such as learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness or do empathy exercises for othersIt can be very beneficial to open new horizons. In addition, trying to reflect by putting ourselves in the shoes of others, makes us come to understand that neither we, nor those around us, are perfect beings. This helps us set aside the attitudes of pride that bring feelings of frustration and arrogance. Reaching this state of security and emotional tranquility, keeps us from living disconnected from reality and prisoners of pride.